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.geergia ranks fourth in the nation in the number of wetlands found in the state. which statement does not describe a wetland? a a wetland is located in an area with heavy annual rainfall b awetland contains salt marshes and is found along the coast. c a wetland is a low-lying area where water les close to the surface d. a wetland contains sloughs, swamps, bogs, ponds and freshwater marshes Get the answer
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.how does the description of the 1900s in paragraphs 5-6 help us understand the qualities of dystopian literature? use the races strategy to answer th


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.i bought 3 bags of marbles. my friend bought 1 bag and he also had 24 loose marbles. we discovered that we had exactly the same number of marbles. a.


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.identifica y clasifica, en el siguiente cuadro, los hechos históricos que fueron causas del descubrimiento de américa. económicos políticos cultural