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. which statement best explains how the author builds suspense in this excerpt? when ellery says, "’i see we'll have to do it the hard way,’" it creates tension because it reveals how hard ellery will have to work to try to solve the crime. when ellery says that "’detection — like crime — is pretty unexciting stuff,’" it creates tension because it reveals that ellery is not interested in solving the crime. the sentence "’we'll begin with a body search,’" creates tension because it builds an uncomfortable situation for every student. the sentence "not a muscle moved," creates tension because it shows that ellery will have a hard time figuring out who’s guilty. mark this and return save and exit next submit Get the answer
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. which type of credit requires that borrowers carefully manage the debt so it doesn't get out of control? explain why this type of credit requires mo


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. which waves cause the most movement of the rocks during an earthquake? a. surface waves b. s-waves c. p-waves


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. wholesale banners pays $ 300 comma 000 cash for a group purchase of land, building, and equipment. at the time of acquisition, the land has a market