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. the city of metropolis needs a real superhero to fight crime. 2. the superheroes in metropolis have some pretty silly superpowers. 3. john has the most amazing superpower. 4. with just a little caffeine, john can study all night! 5. cowboy boy lives in a quiet little town in new mexico. 6. captain football can throw a football over mount everest with one hand! 7. birdman can talk to birds but the birds have been getting bored with his conversation recently. 8. the grasshopper can jump over cars, trees, and buildings. 9. the flea is always itchy and never hesitates to bite his enemies. 10. all good superheroes fight for truth, justice, and the right to wear spandex. 11. homework girl can complete any task that her teacher assigns in a single class period. 12. mister invisible is awfully hard to find, unless there is snow on the ground. 13. turbo boy has super speed, lots of attitude, and minty fresh breath. 14. the mule can carry ten times his own weight. 15. mr. morton has only one weakness: mortonium, a secret metal that drains intelligence from geniuses.? Get the answer
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. the cycle ensures water is recycled through the biosphere. it is key to all living things as a , a main part of biological


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. the depreciated value y (in dollars) of a business car after x years isy = -4200x + 21,000.a. graph the equation.


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. the elevation of niagara falls, which is located between lake erie and lake ontario, is 326 feet. how far is this above sea level?