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. joanne does a daily walk from building p to building q. given point p(6,9) and point q(5,-4), what is the distance between points p and q on this campus map of the local college? Get the answer
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. kelly works two jobs. she usually works at a retail store for 7 hours during the day and is paid $12 per hour by the store. in the evening she work


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. kenny kinematic notes that he is at mile marker 334 on the highway. he travels south to mile marker 181. what is his displacement?


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. khi doanh nghi?p l?a ch?n ph??ng pháp h?ch toán hàng t?n kho là kê khai th??ng xuyên thì doanh nghi?p ph?i áp d?ng ph??ng pháp này trong su?t quá tr