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. in the of a darkened stood a . 7. what did the man have in his mouth? 8. who is the man waiting for? the bus a cab a friend his boss 9. how long ago was the “date” made? 10. what was the name of the restaurant that used to be where the hardware store is now? 11. how long ago was the restaurant torn down? 12. he had a little near his right . 13. name the man’s best friend. 14. where was the man and his best friend raised? a) new jersey, b) new york, c) new mexico, d) new hampshire 15. well, we agreed that night that we would meet here again exactly from that date and time. 16. ( t or f ) since the 2 friends made this agreement, they kept in contact the entire time by phone. 17. what is “a pretty big place”? 18. how many miles did the man come to meet his friend? 19. ( t or f ) the man seemed wealthy. 20. ( t or f ) as the evening went on, the weather was warm and dry. 21. ( t or f ) the man’s friend showed up. 22. at this point of the story, we finally find out the name of the man. what is his name? 23. where does jimmy work? for the city at the drug store at a restaurant at the bar 24. ( t or f ) they both stopped walking when they came to the bright lights of the drug store. 25. you’ve been for minutes ‘silky’ bob.” 26. what did the man give bob? 27. bob: i was at the meeting place on time. when you struck the match to light your cigar, i saw it was the face of the man wanted in . 28. ( t or f ) bob’s friend was not able to arrest bob but called a plain clothes police man to do it for him. please help asap Get the answer
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. in the diary entry for saturday, 22 january, 1944 and again on tuesday, 7 march, 1944, anne seems to have gained some maturity. what has she realize


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. in the electrolysis of molten potassium iodide , a possible cathode reaction would be : * a.2i? -2e?i? b. i?-2e?2i? c. k?+e?k 4.k-e?k?


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. in the figure, obc is a right-angled triangle in a horizontal plane with bôc = 90°. oa is vertical, abo = 0°, b?a = aº and oc = 8 cm. the length o