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. exercise 6. pick out the relative pronouns and their antecedents in these sentences. if there is no antecedent, say so: 1. the bees which were buzzing outside the window rushed in. 2. i could hardly believe what i saw. 3. she pointed out the way that led to the garden. 4. what followed next surprised us all. 5. some friends whom i loved dearly have left the school. 6. he was the son of a poor farmer who could hardly make both ends meet. 7. she collected all the chemicals which she needed for the experiment. 8. he stayed at the costliest hotel that he could find in the city. 9. a triangle whose all three sides are equal is called an equilateral triangle. 10. i seek the friendship of such boys as are sincere in their studies.? Get the answer
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. explain why world system theorists often argue that multinational corporations act as a new or neocolonial economic force to periphery and semi-peri


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. explain. 1. for one-dimensional flow, mass flow rate is the product of density, area, and velocity. 2. at steady state, conservation of mass asserts


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. express v=? dv, as two iterated integrals if r is the region in the first octant bounded by u^2+v^2+w^2/n=(n+1),w=0 and coordinate planes. sketch th