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. during 2021 clor recognized $75,150 of net income and paid dividends of $20,800. assuming that bloomfield owned the same percentage of clor throughout 2021, its percentage ownership must have been Get the answer
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. during this type of tides, the water level along the shoreline moves up onto the beach low tides tides high tides


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. dwight offers one-hour piano lessons and one-hour guitar lessons. he works 10 hours a week in all. how many different ways can he divide his time gi


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. d?n 4,48 lít so2 (?ktc) vào bình ??ng 100 ml h?n h?p naoh 0,5m và ba(oh)2 1m thì thu ???c m gam k?t t?a và dung d?ch x. a) giá tr? c?a m là