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. an automobile travels along a straight road at 15.65 m/s through a 11.18 m/s speed zone. a police car observed the automobile. at the instant that the two vehicles are abreast of each other, the police car starts to pursue the automobile at a constant acceleration of 1.96 m/s2 . the motorist noticed the police car in his rear view mirror 12 s after the police car started the pursuit and applied his brakes and decelerates at 3.05 m/s2 . (hint: the police will not go against the law.) a) find the total time required for the police car to overtake the automobile. (12 marks) b) find the total distance travelled by the police car while overtaking the automobile. (2 marks) c) find the speed of the police car at the time it overtakes the automobile. (2 marks) d) find the speed of the automobile at the time it was overtaken by the police car. (2 marks) Get the answer
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. an investor uses the equity method to account for an investment in common stock. assume that (1) the investor owns less than 50 percent of the outst


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. an object whose mass is 375 lb falls freely under the influence of gravity from an initial elevation of 253 ft above the surface of earth. the initi


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. an oxygen nucleus is flying due south, at a constant 3001 000. suddenly, the nucleus enters a uniform magnetic field that is directed into the page.