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. a researcher confirmed her hypothesis by obtaining data through a scientific study. she published her work and results, while proudly stating she had developed a new theory. how would other scientists most likely react to this claim? a. they would support her claim of a new theory because she supported it with data. b. they would support her theory because she published her research for others to use. c. they would reject her new claim because her hypothesis probably disagrees with others' studies. d. they would reject her claim of a new theory because she was the only person to complete the scientific study. Get the answer
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. a rocket carrying fireworks is launched from a hill above a lake. the rocket will fall into lake after exploding at its maximum height. the rocket's


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. a school sports team contains 68 students. 33 do field events, 40 do track events, 23 do swimming, 14 do both field and track events, 8 do both swim


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. a series rlc circuit containing a resistance of 12?, an inductive reactance of 47.13 ? and a capacitive reactance of 31.83 ? are connected in series