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. (10 points) based on pre-trial speculation, the probability that a jury returns a guilty verdict in a certain high-profile murder case is thought to be 15% if the defense can discredit the police department, and 80% if they cannot. veteran court observers believe that the skilled defense attorneys have a 70% chance of convincing the jury that the police either contaminated or planted some evidence. what is the probabiliy that the jury returns a guilty verdict? Get the answer
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. (6 pts) examine the map and the ages of the rock layers. based on your interpretation, label the structures and add appropriate symbols to the map t


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. (this is a true story). at a college fair, the biology department was using ptc paper to demonstrate dominant and recessive phenotypes. a married co


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. (a) calculate the magnitude and direction of the force on each foot of the horse in figure 9.30 (two are on the ground), assuming the center of mass