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"i, haile selassie i, emperor of ethiopia, am here today to claim that justice which is due to my people, and the assistance promised to it eight months ago, when fifty nations asserted that aggression had been committed in violation of international treatieson october 3rd, 1935, the italian troops invaded my territory..war then took place in the atrocious conditions which i have laid before the assembly. in that unequal struggle between a government commanding more than forty-two million inhabitants, having at its disposal financial, industrial and technical means which enabled it to create unlimited quantities of the most death-dealing weapons, and, on the other hand, a small people of twelve million inhabitants, without arms, without resources having on its side only the justice of its own cause and the promise of the league of nations." - excerpt from haile selassie's appeal to the league of nations in 1936 using this prompt, what is an underlying cause of world war ii? a) communism b) propaganda c) imperialism d) ethnic rivalries Get the answer
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"identify two organizational behavior theories from this course that provided specific information that relates to your previous or current role as a


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"if 1.95 g of mg(s) are mixed with 105 ml of 0.12m hcl(aq) at 25°c and p atm = 1.06 atm, what is the volume of hydrogen gas produced in liters if the


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"if 10 million passengers pass through the st. louis airport with checked baggage each month, a successful six sigma program for baggage handling woul