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-mij language arts 2 advanced q4 part 6 thinking about meaning what is the central idea of the poem? choose the best answer. when i was down beside the sea a wooden spade they gave to me to dig the sandy shore. my holes were empty like a cup. in every hole the sea came up till it could come no more. "at the sea-side," robert louis stevenson the beach is a dangerous place. our work will all be washed away, but it is not a sad thing. the ocean is a mean and uncaring part of nature. it is sad to think that every person's work will eventually be washed away. Get the answer
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-one way the u. s. government responded to the problems caused by the conditions in this list was by - f passing the interstate commerce act gimpleme


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-p ninhleantara yang berikut, yang manakah merupakanfungsi struktur yang berlabel p?which of the following is the function of the structure labelledp


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-part a: based on the information collected, who will have the higher mean annual salary? a:high school graduates have a higher mean by about $20,000