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-a bakery takes three types of bread, with the monthly cost being rm 6850for 2150 loaves of bread. the cost of baking a loof of butterscotch breadis km 2 a chocolate bread km 3 and a coconut bread rm 4. the sale pricesof a loaf of butterscotch bread a chocolate bread and a coconut breadare km 3 , rm 4.50 and km s. so respectively - it the bakery makes a profitrm 2975 monthly how many loaves of each type of bread will it bake) Get the answer
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-accounting- please help in a test rn what do chapter competitions entail? o a. all members of the chapter must sit and complete a written test. the


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-algebra 1 - sem 1 marjou the graph shows the relationship between distance driven and gallons of gas used use the graph to complete the statements.


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-axenture page no.:date:1the matrices ab and c are given bya = 7 8 9 b-23, 124 and c= { 1 solve fori la-89ii b-cy111 ka-cz?