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+3.1: listening this unit is all about analyzing speeches, so we're going to begin with leaming how to really listen. before we do, here's a quick exercise to give you an idea of how attentive a listener you are at the moment. look up "gordon brown speeches online (or something similar). your task is to listen to just ten minutes of a speech by the previous uk prime minister and try to note where your attention first wanders. then answer the following questions: 1. what is the internet address of the speech you listed to? 2. at what point did you notice yourself first thinking of something else or "zoning out"? 3. what is gordon brown saying in the first ten minutes of his speech and how much of it do you remember? 4. why do you think your attention wandered? Get the answer
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+5 pts answered "it was perfectly clear to me what i ought to do. i ought to walk up to within, say, twenty-five yards of the elephant and test his be


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+5 pts answered the table gives a few (x, y) pairs of a line in the coordinate plane. what is the x-intercept of the line?


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+5. the recommended dosage of paracetamol for a child weighing 10-16 kg is 160 mg. a brand of medicine contains 0-20 mol of paracetamol in 1 dm of so