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*please i need help to pass, this was due two days ago* 1. consider the following graph of ?ghi and its image. (graph is attached) the scale factor for this dilation is _[blank]_. enter your answer as the number that correctly fills in the blank in the previous sentence. if necessary, enter fractions using the / symbol. for example, if your answer is 314, enter it like this: 3/14 2. triangle pqr has points p(?3,4), q(?8,3), and r(?1,?6). triangle pqr is transformed using the mapping statement (x, y)?(8x,8y) to create triangle p?q?r?. what are the coordinates of points p?, q?, and r? of the image? p?(?24,4), q?(?64,3), r?(?8,?6) p?(?24,32), q?(?64,24), r?(?8,?48) p?(?38,?12), q?(?1,38), r?(?18,?34) p?(?3,32), q?(?8,24), r?(?1,?48) 3. consider the following graph of ?tuv and its image. (named graph 3) triangle tuv is dilated by a factor of _[blank 1]_ to create triangle t?u?v?, where the center of dilation is the origin. this dilation is a(n) _[blank 2]_. select two answers: one that correctly fills in blank 1, and one that correctly fills in blank 2 in the previous sentences. 1. blank 1: 15 2. blank 2: translation 3. blank 1: 5 4. blank 2: enlargement 5. blank 2: rigid transformation 6. blank 2: reduction 7. blank 1: ?5 8. blank 1: ?15 Get the answer
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*pleaseee help* what is the volume of water, to the nearest tenth of a cubic metre, that would fill this spa tub? first cylinder= 0.75m diameter, 0.8


Torquil Vilhelm 1 Hours ago

*pls answer* how is wastewater used in water recycling programs? a.) chemical pollution b.) sprinkler systems c.) drinking water d.) virus filtration


Abraham Uilleam 1 Hours ago

*pls answer* which of the following are methods for controlling gaseous emissions? a.) activated charcoal and cyclone dust collector b.) scrubbers and