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**+someone help me pls+** disjunctive/stress pronouns are used for emphasis and after a preposition. you learned these in class before we closed and recently reviewed them with disjunctive pronouns, practice 9. another use for these pronouns is for compound (more than one) - subjects or objects. simon et lui parlent bien. he and simon speak a lot. nous et eux, nous irons à la plage. we and they, we will go to the beach. eux et elles, ils s'entendent bien. they (the masc. subjects) and they (the feminine subjects) get along. toi et lui, vous êtes tous intelligents. you (to one person, familiar) and all of you, you are very intelligent. exercices: use expressions from the word bank to explain in passé composé what the different people did to prepare for an international festival. then translate each sentence you wrote to english. acheter des boissons envoyer les invitations acheter les provisions mettre le couvert organiser le buffet apprendre une danse folklorique choisir la musique décorer la salle préparer les spécialités françaises modèle: charles et vous, vous avez acheté les provisions. jeanne et lui, ils ont choisi la musique. 1. josh et moi, nous 2. elizabeth et nous, nous 3. kevin et eux, ils 4. pierre et elle, ils 5. karine et eux, ils 6. elle et moi, nous 7. denis et toi, vous Get the answer
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**10 points please help** the perimeter of ?pqr is 44 cm, and ?pqr ~ ?wxy. if pq = 12 and xy + wy = 24, what is the perimeter of wxy? complete the exp


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**10 points** which of the following explains why energy use impacts quality of life? a.) increased energy use leads to increased economic activity.


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**20 points** asap how does the use of greywater differ from water reclamation? a. if collected separately, greywater can be used for certain applica