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* required 1. what evidence does the times science writer james gorman observe to support this statement? what does he mean when he writes, “xephos' shameless and undiscriminating affection" captured dr. clive wynne's "heart and his thinking"? your answer Get the answer
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Abraham Uilleam 55 Minutes ago

* taking 3.9 as the 1st approximation to the root of the equation x³-12x-12=0, apply newton raphson method toapproximate the root to 3 decimal places


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* the 'emf generated by a copper-constantan thermometer is 15 mv. if the cold junction is at a temperature of 20 degrees celcius. calculate the temp


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* this is for fashion and interior design* please help asap. now that you have learned the basic kinds of equipment that you will need, it is time to