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)a square is shown below. which expression can be used to find the area, in square units, of the shaded triangle in the square? a square with a side length of 4 units is shown. a diagonal is drawn with one section shaded inside the figure. fraction 1 over 2 ? 4 ? 4 fraction 1 over 4 ? 4 ? 4 fraction 1 over 2 ? 2 ? 2 fraction 1 over 4 ? 2 ? 2 Get the answer
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)clarissa deposits $2000 in an account that pays 2.1% simple interest. she keeps the money in the account for 7 years. a. how much interest will she


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)if swannanoa company's budgeted sales are $1,000,000, fixed costs are $350,000, and variable costs are $600,000, what is the budgeted contribution ma


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)jose is surveying shoppers about their use of the new pharmacy in a grocery store. which of the following questions in his survey is a statistical qu