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). you are studying an allele t that governs parasite resistance in a large population of gazelles. you observe that different combinations of t and t produce phenotypes that have different fitnesses due to differences in parasite resistance. the fitness of tt is 0.30, the fitness of tt is 0.32, while the fitness of tt is 0.34. the t allele starts at a frequency of 0.70, while t starts at a frequency of 0.3. i. assuming hardy-weinberg equilibrium except for selection, what will the frequency of t be in the next generation Get the answer
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)a ball is hit straight up with an initial speed of 50 meters per second. what is the speed of the ball 3 seconds after it is hit? [neglect friction.]


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)a coin is weighted so that the probability of heads is 0.8. the coin is tossed 20 times, and the number of heads is recorded. this procedure is repea


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)a group of 12 students participated in a dance competition. their scores are below: score (points) 1 2 3 4 5 number of students 1 2 4 3 2 would a