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) trong m?t h? th?ng m?ng có th? t?n t?i t?i ?a bao nhiêu dhcp server? gi? s? có 2 dhcp server, server 1 c?p trong netid: và server 2: h?i r?ng khi máy h1 tham gia vào h? th?ng m?ng ch?a 2 dhcp server này thì tác ??ng ??n ??a ch? ip ??ng c?a máy h1 nh? th? nào? Get the answer
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) water flows steadily up the vertical-1-in-diameter pipe and out the nozzle, which is 0.5 in. in diameter, discharging to atmospheric pressure. the s


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) what are the source documents for direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead costs assigned to this job


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) what do you mean by random sampling? what are the two methods of drawing a random sample? explain any one in detail. \\