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) if a deposit or withdrawal will change an account balance by more than $1,000, a manager must approve it. which of these deposits and withdrawals need manager approval? choose all the correct answers. -$875 -$1,600 $1,304 -$2,505 $1,001 $451 done id Get the answer
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Hedda Galya 55 Minutes ago

) in a poll conducted by the general social survey, 81% of respondents said that their jobs were sometimes or always stressful. ten workers are chosen


Mona Eva 1 Hours ago

) in a right triangle, a and b are the lengths of the legs and c is the length of the hypotenuse. if b = 5.4 millimeters and c= 8.3 millimeters, what


Ehud Raghnall 1 Hours ago

) in baseball, david has 10 hits out of 14 at bats. adam has 15 hits out of 21 at bats. for each player, write a ratio that represents his total num