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) after decades of work a scientist isolated a small amount of attractase, an enzyme producing a powerful human pheromone. to produce attractase for his personal use in large quantities, he obtained a complete genomic clone of the attractase gene, connected it to a strong bacterial promoter on an expression plasmid into e. coli cells. he was devastated to find out that no attractase was produced in the cells. what is a likely explanation for the failure Get the answer
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) an aquarium holds 33.75 gallons of water. it has a length of 2 feet and a height of 1.5 feet. what is the width of the aquarium? (please show work


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) an electron moving along the x-axis enters a magnetic field. if the electron experiences a magnetic deflection in the -y direction, what is the dire


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) an important factor in solid missiles fuel is the particle size distribution. significant problems occur if the particle sizes are too large. from p