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) a company sells a software suite that includes a word processor and spreadsheet applications. the suite sells for $250 and the items are also available separately for $200 (spreadsheet) and $170 (word processor). the spreadsheet app is by far the best seller of the standalone product sales. using the incremental-revenue allocation method and assuming that the spreadsheet is the primary product, how much of the $250 revenue from the bundled product sale would be allocated to the spreadsheet and to the word processing products? Get the answer
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) a physics student wants to measure the stiffness of a spring (force required per cm stretched). he knows that according to hooke's law, there is a l


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) a real estate agent sells a unit for $800 000. the commission rate is 2.75% of the selling price. calculate the commission. (a) $25 000 (b) $27 750


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) a sphere and a cylinder have the same radius and height. the volume of the cylinder is 11 feet cubed. which equation gives the volume of the sphere?