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"except for blacks, who grew increasingly militant in fighting against racial injustice, young people who were unhappy with the status quo did not much concern themselves with larger political or social problems. most educators in the 1950's detected a 'silent generation' both in the schools and in the burgeoning universities." james t. patterson, historian grand expectations: the united states, 1945-1974, 1996 using the excerpt, answer a, b, and c. a. briefly explain one example that would support the author's comment about young african americans during the 1950s. b. briefly analyze one factor in postwar america that likely promoted a "silent generation" in the 1950's. (think about our essay outline) c. briefly explain one example of social or literary criticism of the conformity of the 1950s. Get the answer
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"explorer, inc. is considering a new 4-year project that requires an initial fixed asset (equipment) investment of $200,000. the fixed asset is three-


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"failing to fetch me at first keep encouraged, missing me one place search another" comes from which poem? a) i hear america singing b) iheard a fly


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"families were being further torn asunder, and those left behind knew nomore about their own fate than they did of the loved ones moving on."this pass