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"candice is cleaning the office building's 200-gallon aquarium. for cleaning, she must remove the fish from the aquarium and drain the water. the water drains at a constant rate of 10 gallons per minute." find the independent quantity and the dependent quality. i am so confused because the way i understand it, it could go either way. please help me understand it. Get the answer
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"casey walked up to jennie and took her pizza off of her plate. he took a bite, grinned at jennie, and then walked away." this is an example of:


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"cash is king" for all businesses you can determine a company’s cash situation by analyzing its cash flow statement. the cash flow statement also hel


Sarah Aksinia 1 Hours ago

"cassie, you know 'bout mitchell?" i asked her. "course i know about mitchell," she answered. "why're you letting him beat up on you?" "i'm not lettin