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(25 points) a construction crew is lengthening a road. let y represent the total length of the road (in miles). let x represent the number of days the crew has worked. suppose that x and y are related by the equation 2x +54 = y. answer the questions below. note that a change can be an increase or a decrease. for an increase, use a positive number. for a decrease, use a negative number. what is the change per day in the road's length? ___ miles what was the road's length when the crew started working? miles Get the answer
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(26 pts) motorola obtains cell phones from its contract manufacturer located in china to serve the u. s. market. the u. s. market is served from a war


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(26) the earth's first atmosphere did not include which of the following? a) lightning c) oxygen e) rain b) uv radiation d) volcanic discharge


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(2r)-chlorobutane can undergo nucleophilic substitution with nabr. this reaction can proceed through either an sn2- or an syl-mechanism. a) draw the