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(2) to ensure that the federal government plays a central role in enforcing the standards established in this act on behalf of individuals with disabilities. the above section of the americans with disabilities act (5 points) group of answer choices explains who is to make sure the act is obeyed explains that discrimination still happens today provides the constitutional basis for the act states the primary purpose of the act Get the answer
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(2-pt response) how does arriving at auschwitz-birkenau change wiesel's perspective on life, human nature, and the world around him? support your answ


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(2.02)a shape is shown on the graph: which of the following is a reflection of the shape? a coordinate plane is shown. a triangle has vertices negati


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(20 points (pls help ;-;)!!) in how many ways can three medals (gold, silver and bronze) be awarded for a race involving 20 cars.