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(2 1. one mit of commodity is produced by combiningi that of hand, 2 unitsoflabour and 5 units of capital. also i ait op commodity is -duced by 2 units of hand, 3 writs of labour and write of capital simizarly, i unit ofdisc results from the use of 3 units of land, & erit of labour and a cents of capedassuming that the price of commoditie al and are repeconely pa = n270, p8n160 andpe=n190 find the total rent (e) the wages (w) and interest of the three resources. Get the answer
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(2 points) a large tank is filled to capacity with 500 gallons of pure water. brine containing 2 pounds of salt per gallon is pumped into the tank at


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(2 points) a tank contains 90 kg of salt and 2000 l of water. pure water enters a tank at the rate 6 l/min. the solution is mixed and drains from the


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(2 points) another model for a growth function for a limited pupulation is given by the gompertz function, which is a solution of the differential equ