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(12 points) analysis from the point where the block is released to the point where it reaches the maximum height i) calculate the highest height reached by the block (or the largest distance travelled along the ramp.) ii) calculate the work done by the gravitational force. iii) calculate the work done by the normal force. iv) calculate the work done by the friction force. Get the answer
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(12) in a relay race, mia ran 1.43 kilometers. then she passed the baton to gerald, who ran an additional 2.7 kilometers. how many kilometers did the


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(120) what is the correct definition of anti-semitism?* 5 points o a. racism against people of asian descent in germany. o b. extreme hatred toward pe


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(13 points) (show your work) jordan is a biologist. she is going to randomly select one animal from her lab to study. there are 55 salamanders, 33 cra