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"bigfoot. sasquatch. yeti. yeren. yowie. the names and details may differ from place to place, but from north america to china to new zealand, one thing is certain: something is out there." how do these lines help to develop a key concept of the article? a. it illustrates that people all over the world have believed bigfoot exists. b. it emphasizes that many different creatures have been confused with bigfoot. c. it shows that bigfoot has traveled all over the world. d. it confirms that bigfoot has remained unidentified. Get the answer
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"blank verse" refers to . poetry with fourteen lines and a pattern of rhyme poetry without rhyme or meter unrhymed poetry written in iambic pentamet


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"blues legend b b king made his first recording in 1949 and soon became a popular nightclub performer known for his amicable personality and signatu


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"book of life" movie questions continued... 1.) do you want to be a bullfighter like manolo? why? (there is no wrong answer.) 2.) what happens the da