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(1) your company has worked on some truly iconic campaigns over the past few years. (2) i have always been interested in advertising, and i would welcome the opportunity to learn more about the industry this summer. which is the best revision of sentence 2? i have always thought that i should work in advertising, and this seems like the perfect summer job for me. i have always wanted to know more about the advertising industry, and i think this is the place for me this summer. i have always been interested in advertising, and this summer, you could teach me a lot more. no change Get the answer
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(1) if you had to grade president kennedy's performance as president, what grade would he have earned? why? (2) describe one good thing that he did du


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(1) milk of magnesia has ph = 10 it means : (a)strongly acidic solution (b)slightly acidic solution (c)strongly basic solution (d)slightly basic


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(1) the media plays a  powerful role in shaping   .   (2) verbalize the government websites  help you to  accurately analyze  health messages delivere