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(1) select one of the following topic sentences. (2) list your ideas. (3) write one original paragraph using either examples, reasons, an incident, comparison and contrast, or combined methods to develop your paragraph. • studying hard has value beyond good grades on a report card. • the problems about which we are most fearful often do not come to pass. training a puppy to do tricks can be an exasperating experience. • a bowling pin can be a stubborn opponent • it is better to be alone than in bad company. –washington • conviction and opinion may seem the same, but the deeper definition shows their differences. • even though two automobiles may seem to be the same, there are several differences. • cats are more trouble than they are worth. Get the answer
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(1) suppose you lift a stone that has a mass of 5.3 kilograms off the floor onto a shelf that is 1.5 meters high. how much work have you done


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(1) susan was sitting in math class. (2) she began laughing like crazy. (3) the teacher thought scott was making susan laugh. (4) “i didn’t do anythin


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(1) the harlem renaissance took place in new york city in the 1920s and early 1930s. it was a time when african americans produced a collection of gre