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(1) frank lloyd wright considered himself one of the greatest architects of all time. not everyone agrees with this assessment. however, most people recognize his great influence on modern american architecture. (2) born in wisconsin in 1867, wright grew up in a family that often had trouble making ends meet. he attended the university of wisconsin but left early for chicago, where the great fire of 1871 created many opportunities in the building trade. after working for several firms, he eventually landed a job at the company in which louis sullivan, a famous pioneer of modern architecture, was a partner. wright remained there for several years, often quarreling with colleagues, before proceeding to establish his own architecture firm where he could experiment with his own ideas and style. (3) wright's "prairie style" is very modern, and his buildings often suggest the wide expanse of the american plains. these projects inspired other architects to think of space in a new way. they began to design rooms in a building not as separate spaces but as a flowing whole. (4) although his "prairie style" is considered his best, some of wright's more famous designs show other influences. the guggenheim museum in new york city, for example, features a large spiral that contrasts with its urban surroundings. another of wright's buildings, fallingwater in rural pennsylvania, is built over a waterfall and blends seamlessly into its wooded, natural environment. Get the answer
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(1) homeowners with yards differ widely on their feelings about wild animals. (2) some people are constantly fighting to keep birds, squirrels, chipm


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(1) how did each of the three cultures try to adapt to climate variations and changes? put an* next to adaptations that were successful. andeans/incas


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(1) if the regression line equation of y on x is : û : = 0.2x + 3, the value ofy from the table when x=5 is 4.6, then the value of the error in the v