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"as they walked along she told them stories of her own first flight, she kept painting vivid of what it would be like to be free. " which rhetorical appeal is tubman using to convince people to continue in the underline portion of this except. a. logos, because she is using her own experience as a tool b. pathos, because she is using her credibility as tool. c. logos, because she is appealing to her audience's sense of logic d. pathos, because she is appealing to her audience's need. Get the answer
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"assume that you have a factory that produces frozen food and uses water from the river next to you. there is another plant that produces chemical was


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"at 195 miles long, and with 7,325 miles of coastline, the chesapeake bay is the largest and most complex estuary in the united states. though long an


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"at an environmental conference in 1973, the philosopher richard sylvan proposed a science fiction thought experiment that helped to launch environmen