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(09.04 mc)a carnival ride is in the shape of a wheel with a radius of 30 feet. the wheel has 30 carsattached to the center of the wheel. what is the central angle, arc length, and area of asector between any two cars? round answers to the nearest hundredth if applicable. youmust show all work and calculations to receive credit. (10 points) please i need to finish in an hour Get the answer
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(09.05) david wants to hang a mirror in his room. the mirror and frame must have an area of 8 square feet. the mirror is 2 feet wide and 3 feet long.


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(09.05) jules kicks a soccer ball off the ground and into the air with an initial velocity of 25 feet per second. assume the starting height of the ba


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(09.051 arracher interested in determining the effect of a new computer program on learning to read conducted a mody. one hundred students were random