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(08.03 mc)the dot plots below show the ages of students belonging to two groups of painting classes: a dot plot shows two divisions labeled group a and group b. the horizontal axis is labeled as age of painting students in years. group a shows 1 dot at 9, 7 dots at 10, 8 dots at 15, 8 dots at 17, and 6 dots at 19. group b shows 6 dots at 10, 5 dots at 14, 6 dots at 18, 5 dots at 25, 4 dots at 28, and 4 dots at 29. based on visual inspection, which group most likely has a lower mean age of painting students? explain your answer using two or three sentences. make sure to use facts to support your answer. Get the answer
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(08.04 mc) the grades on the last art exam had a mean of 75%. assume the population of grades on art exams is known to be distributed normally, with


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(08.04)information about the age of participants in a robotics competition is below: a box plot titled "age of participants" and labeled "age" uses a


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(08.04)the following data indicate the scores of some students in a competition: 30 points 11 points 14 points 23 points 21 points 31 points 32 point