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(07.03 mc) milan uses a probability simulator to roll a six-sided number cube 100 times and to flip a coin 100 times. the results of the experiment are shown below: number on the cube number of times rolled 1 10 2 8 3 33 4 29 5 11 6 9 heads tails 29 71 using milan's simulation, what is the probability of rolling a 5 on the number cube and the coin landing on tails? 11 10.000 71 10,000 Get the answer
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(07.04 mc) jim is designing a seesaw for a children's park. the seesaw should make an angle of 30' with the ground, and the maximum height to which i


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(07.04 mc) an observer (o) is located 900 feet from a building (b). the observer notices a helicopter (h) flying at a 49° angle of elevation from his


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(07.04 mc) you are an athlete and you are organizing a trip to south america to train for a competition. write a short description of what you are goi