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(04.01 mc) explain ur reasoning the diagram below shows part of the rock cycle. rock cycle with a volcanic eruption at the top. moving counterclockwise, there is an arrow pointing to rock b. from rock b there is an arrow labeled sediment and compaction pointing to rock c. from rock c there is an arrow labeled heat and pressure pointing to rock a. from rock a there is an arrow labeled magma pointing back to volcanic eruption. which type of rock does c represent? select one: a. igneous rock b. rock formed by cooling c. rock formed by heat and pressure d. sedimentary rock Get the answer
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(04.01 mc) the image below shows two dilated figures with lines ab and a'b' drawn. if the larger figure was dilated using a scale factor of 3, what re


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(04.01 mc) the tables below show the values of y corresponding to different values of x table a table b |x/3/3/2 |x 3 5 5 y 100 ly-2 2-2 which stateme


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(04.01 mc) triangle abc has vertices located at a( 0, 2), b (2, 5), and c (?1, 7). part a: find the length of each side of the triangle. show your wor