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(01.01 lc) which statement is not true about the field of science? (2 points) it is replicable and tested by many scientists over time. it is consistent and does not need to change with new discoveries. it is based on rational thinking, inquiry, and experimentation. o it is based on observations and explanations of the natural world. Get the answer
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(01.01 lc)use your understanding of context to answer this question. what is the meaning of the word in bold? there is no panacea that can solve toda


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(01.01 lc)which number line best shows how to solve ?6 ? (?8)? a number line from negative 10 to 10 is shown, with numbers labeled at intervals of 2.


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(01.01 lc)which two charges have a sum of 0? +7 charge and +7 charge o-7 charge and -7 charge +7 charge and -7 charge +7 charge and 0 charge