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() during the 1920s, several movements contributed to social change. match the correct movement on the right to the social change it describes. enhanced participation in the political process. 1. the great migration v increased competition for housing and jobs. 2. women's suffrage 3. prohibition divided the nation along secularist/fundamentalist lines. Get the answer
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()=(2/),,tis time in days, a(t) is the amount following time t, and a is the starting amount. if the doubling time t=3.67 days, calculate the tripling


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()=10...(10?)??[0;10]0??[0;10]th?i gian b?o hành s?n ph?m ???c quy ??nh là 3 n?m. a)xác ??nh k. b)tính t? l? s?nph?m ph?i b?o hành. c)tính xác su?t ??


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()is the body's ability to increase work capacity across different lengths of time, load and types of movement. it is a. cardiovascular or b. fitness