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( vietnamese ) cân 5.219 (g) m?u th?c ph?m, kh? nhi?m và ??nh m?c ??n 100ml (dung d?ch 1). rút 10ml ?? xác ??nh ?? m?n b?ng ph??ng pháp volhard. th? tích dung d?ch agno3 0,05n ?ã dùng là 25ml, th? tích dung d?ch kscn 0,05n ?em chu?n ?? v?i l??ng d? agno3 thành 12,19 ml. tính ?? m?n thành% nacl trong m?u ban ??u và n?ng ?? (mg / l) c?a nacl trong dung d?ch 1 ( english ) weigh 5,219 (g) food samples, decontaminate and make up to 100ml (solution 1). withdraw 10ml to determine salinity by volhard method. the volume of 0.05n agno3 solution used is 25ml, the volume of 0.05n kscn solution is titrated with the excess agno3 to 12.19 ml. calculate the salinity to %nacl in the original sample and the concentration (mg/l) of nacl in solution 1 Get the answer
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( worth 50 points) a persuasive essay using 3 pieces of research that argues the reasons why adults must complete the census 2020.300 words ( worth 5


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( what is the best interpretation of the slope of the line? a student's test score is likely to decrease about 1 point for every 30 minutes spent stud


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( when teaching about the treatment of enslaved people and the effects of slavery, which would be the most useful tool to help students' understandi