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'mid the lightnings, 'mid the lightning zigzag, 'mid the lightning flashing, comes the rain, comes the rain with me. 'mid the swallows, 'mid the swallows blue, chirping glad together, comes the rain, comes the rain with me. through the pollen, through the pollen blest, all in pollen hidden, comes the rain, comes the rain with me. far as man can see, comes the rain, comes the rain with me. —“song of the rain-chant” which message does the repetition make clear? choose the best answer. rain can only come with lightning and thunder. rain is in the center of all natural things: the lightning, the swallows, and even the pollen. as far as man can see, there is nature: lightning, swallows, pollen, and rain. some rain may come when lightning flashes, swallows chirp happily, and pollen is hidden. Get the answer
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'school uniform stifles individuality and should be scrapped.' write the text of a speech for an assembly to your peers in which you explain your poin


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'sir syed ahmad khan's greatest achievement was bridging the gap between the muslims and the british government' how far do you agree to this statemen


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'the architecture of public bath complexes made them more suitable than theatres as places of leisure and entertainment.' to what extent to you agree