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'cause i can't do s*it right, i can't learn my lesson i can't do s*it right, take anti-depressant. s illness and welfar. e robbed my adolescenc. e my friends probably hate me, can't answer a message filled with anxiety, always be hidin' me feelin' inadeq. uate's always what's driving me not a role model, that's not what i strive to be can't go outside, i'm afraid they be finding me paranoid 'bout my privacy, yeah and they always askin' questions 'bout my face, can't relate fu*kin' caught my own reflection, broke a mirror the other day got a lot of bad s*it that i'm taking to my grave got a fu*kin' date with death, on house arrest 'til trial date so i grab the red wine, on rainy days and then i pour it 'cause i'll age another fu*kin' thousand days before i know it yeah, i'll spend 'em all inside, waste my time while i'm scrollin' but i love when it rains 'cause i'm agoraphobic aight, these lines are the last one you'll get i'm not okay, i'm not okay i'm not okay, i'm not okay what's the point? i'm not okay what's the point? i'm not okay this s*it is fu**in' difficult Get the answer
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Selma Yafa 55 Minutes ago

'every man has to lead for humanity as much as he/she can. serving the people is helping the society and nation to grow up.' justify the statement wit


Selma Yafa 1 Hours ago

'how many atoms are in 2.45 moles of copper? 2.46 × 1023 atoms 2.45 atoms 155.70 atoms 1.48 × 1024 atoms


Sarah Aksinia 1 Hours ago

'i got absolutely pilloried,' says james. 'i was on today (a morning tv show) accused of killing the novel . . .'" which type of figurative language d