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> there are many cones with a height of 12 inches, letr represent the radius and v represent the volume of these cones a. write an equation that expresses the relationship between v and r. use 3.14 as an approximation for b. plot points that show the volume when i, 2, 3, and r = 4. show your reasoning 300 250 200 volume (cubic inches 150 100 50 4 5 2 radius (inches) c. a vendor at a street fair sells popcorn in cones, all of height 9 inches. the sharing-size cone has 3 times the radius of the skinny-size cone. about how many times more popcorn does the sharing cone hold than the skinny cone? Get the answer
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> what was the primary reason why the colonists decided to send their leaders to philadelphia in september and october of 1774?


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> yau spent 2/5 of his monthly skry on food, 1/2 of the vemaining on rent and 1/4 of what still remained on 4 drinks. if he still had $80.00 left.


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