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% composition of dry air component % nitrogen 78.08 oxygen 20.95 carbon dioxide 0.04 argon and others 0.93 total 100.00 if the total pressure of dry air is 101.32 kpa, compute the partial pressure of the oxygen in the air. a) 20.95 kpa b) 21.23 kpa c) 32.00 kpa d) 101.32 kpa Get the answer
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% of molecule curbon hydrogen oxygen nitrogen phosphorous element ove was made when a scientist analyzed a biological macromolecule to determine which


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%) 1.3.27 question help the length of a new rectangular playing field is 6 yards longer than double the width. if the perimeter of the rectangular pl


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%. analyze palationships ralph opened a savings account with a deposit of $100 beery month after that, he deposited 520 more. a. when the relationsh