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$9,300life73.4gdp per $4,200 $18,600 $41,200capitaaverage64.4expectancy73.982.2at birthaveragenumber of4.4 11.7 10.3 ayears inschooldata courtesy of the undp and the cia (2010)7.4based on the social and economic statistics in the above chart, which of the following countries wouldconsidered the most highly developed country?a hungaryb. indiac. switzerlandd. colombiamark this and retumsave and exitnext Get the answer
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$java source, inc. (jsi) buys coffee beans from around the world and roasts, blends, and packages them for resale. some of jsi's coffees are very popu


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% composition of dry air component % nitrogen 78.08 oxygen 20.95 carbon dioxide 0.04 argon and others 0.93 total 100.00 if the total pressure of dry a


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% if the electrie fteld strength of a sphere is calculated to be 3.50 x 106n/c when measured from 16.0cm away, what is the electric charge on the sphe