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#5) greg worked these hours last week: monday, 9; tuesday, 8 %; wednesday 9.25; thursday, 11; and friday 9 3/4. he works a 40 hour week with time and a half being paid for overtime work. his regular gross pay rate is $22.25 an hour. what was greg's gross pay for the week? Get the answer
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#51 suppose that you are a member of the board of governors of the federal reserve system. the post 2008 economy is experiencing a sharp rise in the i


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#5b an adult elephant walks at an average rate of 25 kilometers per day.which equation represent this situation? *ok=10do ked + 25o k=d +5k=250


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#6 find x. i’m a little confused at how to find x because i don’t know what the interior angles equal all together and i don’t know the shape. i need