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#1-10: identify the dependent (subordinate) clause in each sentence below. 1. japan is a country where some trains travel at very fast speeds. 2. the airplane that we saw can land in only a few airports in this country. 3. henry hudson discovered the river that bears his name. 4. when you respect others, you win respect for yourself. 5. diego found the new job that was perfect for him. 6. colleen is the one who was elected without a run-off. 7. the coin that i purchased is an old french crown. 8. when i awoke, it was broad daylight. 9. those who would control others must first control themselves. 10. the camel is the only pack animal that can stand the test of the sahara. Get the answer
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#1. how did the tigris and euphrates rivers make the growth of civilization mesopotamia possible? #2. interpret maps what forms the borders of mesopo


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#1. true or false: many immigrants lived in poverty once they arrived in america. #2. which industries had the greatest impact on westward expansion?


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#1. use your model to describe the global patterns of atmospheric circulation? #2. why is your model useful for describing winds over the ocean’s but