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#1 which of the following is not true about warming up? a. warming up lets the heart rate increase gradually b. warming up increases blood flow to the muscles c. "warming up can help prevent injury to muscles, ligaments, and joints" d. warming up should be done after exercise. #2 upward rows target which muscle: a. deltoid b. pectoralis major c. quadriceps d. all of the above #3 which of the following is not a strength training guideline: a. maintain core tension at all times b. deep stretch the muscles before lifting weights c. "maintain proper posture, form, and technique" d. use the full range of motion #4 tricep extensions work which of the following muscles: a. biceps b. soleus c. triceps d. all of the above Get the answer
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#1-10: identify the dependent (subordinate) clause in each sentence below. 1. japan is a country where some trains travel at very fast speeds. 2. the


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#1. click here to watch "snack attack" a video short about an old lady, a teenager, and a package of cookies... step 1a: what are 2-3 lessons i can l


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#1. how did the tigris and euphrates rivers make the growth of civilization mesopotamia possible? #2. interpret maps what forms the borders of mesopo