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"yes. they are most unhappy if the engagement is not arranged by them. in our case it's worse—you are not even an ibo." . . . . in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city it had always seemed to her something of a joke that a person's tribe could determine whom he married. . . . . . . "and this," he added, "is not peculiar to the ibos. if your father were alive and lived in the heart of ibibio–land he would be exactly like my father." —"marriage is a private affair," chinua achebe what experiences in achebe’s life led him to write the story? as citizen of nigeria and the us, achebe was interested in the impact of western culture on nigerian culture. as a university professor, achebe was expected to write about his life in nigeria. as an activist, achebe was trying to change a nigerian tradition to a western tradition. as a parent in the us, achebe’s children had no experience of nigerian culture. Get the answer
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"you can't hurry love" is a song that was originally released in 1966 by the phenomenal motown singing group, the supremes. which character from romeo


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"you are considering investing in a mutual fund. the fund is expected to earn a return of 15 percent in the next year. if its annual return is normall


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"you are given four tubes of purified immunoglobulins. each is a different heavy chain isotype, but the tubes are unlabelled. you perform a number of